Google Webmaster New feature added in Performance Report Section in 2020

Good news for the SEO managers and people who value SEO for the organic traffic. Now Google has introduce new parameter in google webmasters performance section where now user can filter and watch the performance report of website for last day also. Till 25th December 2019, use cannot see the last day performance of the website.

This new feature in performance check will give great help to those who wanted and compare the performance of website on daily basis. Google Webmaster recent announcement has given good option to the SEO managers to check and react on the changes they did recently and on the effect if last day website has done good or bad. They can now compare the last day organic ranking data with all previous days data.

Google Webmaster new release on 31st December 2019 bring good news for the seo guys. We have seen Google crawler has also crawled websites which were pending for long time and done the correction. Google spider has also seen increased the crawling the website amid of New year. On 1st January 2020, google webmaster new feature in performance report section give good option to user and we hope this will help seo managers to monitors the organic ranking on daily basis now.

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